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Disaster prevention solution
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What is Computer Disaster Prevention ?

Creating a complete verified image of a computer (server or workstation) that can be methodically, easily and quickly restored (even on another replacement computer!). To insure recover-ability in case of most disasters such as computer hardware or software failure, fire, theft, virus attack, hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake or any of numerous other devastating possibilities that could cripple a business from days to weeks, months or even bankruptcy!

What we do ...

We prepare your servers and computers to insure a quick and complete recovery.
        ... To prevent business losses and down time.

Not just Data Backup, this is COMPLETE System Imaging.
... To ensure as system can be recovered and be up and running quickly.

Most businesses only have data backup which will not bring back the computers operating system and will leave it inoperable.

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How serious will it be for your business if your server or an important computer crashed?

It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN a nightmare computer disaster will occur. You cannot wait until after an unforeseen event occurs to prepare. It could cost you your business!

We offer very affordable solutions utilizing advanced imaging technologies that prepares and protects your entire computer system.

BENEFIT: Never worry about a catastrophic impact to your computers.

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  • Can you afford your computers, servers or network being down for an hour, day, week, months or more?
  • Could your business recover from a serious hard disk failure, virus attack, fire, electrical damage to an important computer?
  • What have you done to protect your businesses ability to continue operating without serious downtime and data loss from such a disaster?
  • How will you explain to those that you are responsible for that you failed to implement a Disaster Prevention Solution for your business?
  • Do you even know how affordable it is to implement a Disaster Prevention Solution that will protect you and your company's business?
  • Time is not on your side. A systems disaster could be around the corner; so be prepared and never worry!
  • Call us now to make sure that you are properly protected


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